Hooks & Halligans Fire Photography opened on April 4, 2013 as a subsidiary of Front Page Photography separating our traditional work in photogrpahy, from our fire photography.

Craig Hendry is the primary photographer and a photojournalist of Hooks & Halligans, who grew up in Blenheim Ontario. He is a self taught photographer with a passion for telling stories through a camera lens.
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E7 & T7 Responding

E4 Responding

MVC - Engine 4

Technical Support (Air/Light)

Hazmat Level 3

E12, T9, E11, E5, C1 Responding

Car 2

Rescue 1 at Training

Haz-Mat Training

E5, TK5, C2, E9, T9, R1, E10 Responding

Engine 2

MVC - Ardsley & Limberlost

Truck 9

E1, R1 - Arriving

Clearing, Maitland St. Pedestrian vs. Train

Rescue 1

Car 1

Engine 1

Engine 2

Truck 2

Engine 1

Car 1 - On Scene

Engine 12

Engine 6

Engine 14

Engine 3