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January 1981

Searching for Water

January 14th, 1981|

Somewhere in there was a hydrant on Grand ave, and firefighter Jim Myatt was determined to find it Friday. City residents as well as firefighters are being asked to clear snow from around hydrants on or near their properties so that if there is a fire, time won’t be lost getting to them.

Arson Clues Sought at Y

January 5th, 1981|

By Don Murray, Mary Kehoe, Cheryl Hamilton & John Hamilton of the Free Press.

Investigators will be looking for the signs of arson as they probe the ruins of a spectacular $1 million blaze early Sunday that reduced the old section of the London Central YM-YWCA to ghostly, ice-encrusted ruins, acting fire chief Earl Fenwick […]

Down, but definitely not out

January 5th, 1981|

Coated with frost themselves, firefighters Tim Askin, left, and Earl Smith, both of the Central firehall, took an axe to the ice in front of the Y to free water lines.

$1 million fire rips London’Y’

January 5th, 1981|

By Mary Kehoe, Cheryl Hamilton, John Hamilton and Don Murray of the Free Press

Fire investigators hope to get into the ice-sheathed ruins of the downtown London YM-YWCA today to search for the cause of the spectacular fire that did an estimated $1 million in damage and forced 72 residents and staff to flee into […]

Decades of building destroyed by flames

January 5th, 1981|

By Joan Barfoot of the Free Press

It took 40 years for the founders of the London YMCA to get around to constructing the permanent headquarters in the city.  On Sunday, it took just a few hours for their effort to be destroyed by fire.

The YMCA started in London in 1856 and the organization used […]

Snorkles and Ladders

January 5th, 1981|

Firefighters using 'snorkles' and extension ladders stopped the fire in the London YMCA building from spreading to the adjacent five-storey residential wing.

Fighting a major blaze in mid-winter

January 5th, 1981|

Fighting a major blaze in mid-winter, when temperatures are hitting record lows, means a lot of extra headaches for firefighters. One of the struggles at Sunday's fire that destroyed the oldest part of the downtown YM-YWCA in London was to get water lines freed from the thick ice that formed in front of the Wellington Street building, which itself was covered with ice from the hoses.

Sunday morning…

January 5th, 1981|

As the sun rose Sunday, a dark cloud of smoke spread across downtown London, marking the destruction of the oldest section of the city's YM-YWCA, built in 1895. (London Free Press)

Ice Castle

January 4th, 1981|


January 4th, 1981|

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