In a letter published January 7, H.D.C. Andrus asks:  What’s Pearson doing running for the Fiberals?

I don’t know, except that he is a candidate for a political party that believes in a united Canada and the Progressive Conservative option has been dissolved.

As a candidate for the former Progressive Conservative Party in 2000 and — after it was dissolved into the Reform/Alliance party–for the Progressive Canadian Party in 2004, it was an honour to offer a moderate, viable alternative to the government of the day.

Whether or not people voted for the PC party, they recognized it as a party that could form government and not destroy the country.  This same confidence cannot be expressed about the “Alliance/Conservative” party.

I am proud to support Glen Pearson because he is the kind of person we need to send to Ottawa.  He has a good reputation, he is a leader and he cares about people.

There is much at stake in this election.   It is important that we elect good people to Parliament.  Pearson is such a person.

Derrall Belair