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Londoners continue to work together to help victims of a major fire in the northwest end.

On Tuesday evening, the Northwest London Resource Centre will be hosting a public meeting for those looking to help families impacted by the blaze on Limberlost Road, which caused roughly $1.5-million in damage on Saturday morning.

The meeting is at West Park Church on Gainsborough Road at 7 pm.

“We’re going to try to being coordination of the needs of those who were impacted by the fire with the desire of the community to help out,” said Ward 7 Councillor Josh Morgan, who will be speaking at the meeting. “We’ve got a lot of compassionate community members who just want to help out any way they can and they’re not really sure how to help out.”

Morgan says many Londoners have offered donations and cash, but coordinating those efforts will make the donations more efficient.

“We’ll be able to communicate an update on where we are in the process with helping people out, how we’ve coordinated bringing some community members and organizations together who would like to help,” Morgan said.

While no people were hurt during the blaze, one family, whose unit suffered extensive damage, said they lost their belongings, school text books, clothing, food, and their cat, who was trapped inside. They did not have insurance. The family has started a GoFundMe page to raise funds.

Source: Londoners Gathering to Help Families Impacted By Weekend Fire | (CFPL AM) AM 980