Rick Loiselle has been a great supporter of the Fire Service, especially London for as long as anyone can remember.  Rick has generously shared his passion for fire trucks and equipment throughout the years including helping to organize other buffs across the province through the Ontario Fire Buffs Association.

Thanks to Rick and Walt McCall, the detailed fleet history of the London Fire Department is very through. (See the history of London Fire Trucks here)

Rick is on the process of sharing his extensive collection of the London Fire Service. Be sure to use the “Loiselle Collection” tag that links the collection together. (Tags at the bottom of articles help you to link to related content.)


Multiple Alarm House Fire

Engine Three

Engine Nine

Engine Eight

Electrical Panel Fire

Engine 1

Engine 2

Engine 3

Engine 4

Engine 5

Engine 6

Engine 7

Engine 8

Engine 9

Engine 11

Rescue 1

Rescue 2

Truck 1

Truck 7

Truck 9

Tanker 8

Engine 7 with new paint

Truck 1 - Daily Checks

Training Day

Tanker 1

Engine 3 - Last of its kind in London

Engine 8 on the ramp

Engine 4 heading out

Engine 7 and Truck 7

Rescue 2

Minor Fire - Clarke Rd

Truck 9

Engine 4 - 1975 International Cargostar/ King Seagrave

Truck Washing at Station 7

Station 2

Truck was first in

Engine 6 at Station 3

Garage Fire

First Diesel Engine in London

1966 Annual Report

1965 Annual Report