Retired London fire chief Jim Fitzgerald gave a presentation to about 40 people Thursday (May 17) on the history of firefighting in London with a focus on the former Fire Hall No. 5, which was located on Adelaide Street.

London Fire Chief Jim Fitzgerald Ret.

Chief Fitzgerald is a second generation London Fire Fighter who worked through the ranks from Fire Fighter to the highest rank of Fire Chief.  During his excellent career, Chief Fitzgerald collected many amazing photos, artifacts and great stories.  Please check out this amazing collection which has been tagged “Fitzgerald Collection” 


Heritage Designation

Fire Prevention Week

Old London chief hot on fire museum

100 Years of Service

In remembrance of Fire Fighter Richard Roman

E9 restored

Vehicle missed hitting river by few meters

Downtown Fire - Deck Guns

Ailsa Craig Fire

Aeolian Hall Fire

Station 4 Crews

Home Inspections Display

Moving into Byron Station

Lounge Fire - Richmond St

Fire Station 7

Engine 3

Apartment Fire

Gas Explosion

Finally out of service

New Heaquarters

Coal gas incident

Downtown Fire

Fair Grounds Training

Darling Hat Shop

Roaring House Fire

Lounge Grill

Forest fires block out the sun

Down Fire Fighter

Loblaws Fire

Dutch Laundry Dry Cleaners

Tough battle

Fire Truck Wreck

Water Rescue

Fire at Cosy Restaurant

First Squad Car - Winter

Western Fair - Fire Protection

Coming back from an alarm

Fire Station 6

Hospital patient safety chute

Fire Prevention Week Display

Coffee at Station 5

Westminster Fire

Lumber Yard Investigation


Trustel Bridge Fire

First Rescue

Ray's Billards Fire

London assisting Arva

Cat Rescue

Engine 3

Fire Alarm Box Display

GSW Fire

Construction Cave In

Wong's Cafe

Fire Prevention Week - Window Display

Fire Prevention Award

Station 2 - final day

Fire Station 1

Cove Bridge (Greenway Park)

Downtown Fire

Fire Prevention Week at Wortley School

Crew at Station 1

Station 4

Bosy Recovery on the Thames

1942 Crews

First Pumper Truck

Station 3 Crew

Department Photo

Fire Station 5 Crew

Crew at Station No.4 - 1927

Resuscitation Demonstration

Resuscitation Training

Western Fair Fire Hall

Station 3 - Line Up

Fire Station photos

Fire investigation

Station 2 - line up

Rectory St - Station 2

1916 LaFrance Hose & Chemical

Bruce St - Fire Station

Bruce St Station - Winter


Fire Chief's Roadster

Combination Wagon

Station 4 - Opening

Answering the call

Station 2

Fire Station 1 on King Street