fireworksThe London Fire Department is urging residents to include fire safety in their Victoria Day Weekend plans, especially when it comes to fireworks.Fire and Life Safety Educator Jason Poole ecourages Londoners to go out to the organized display at the Fanshawe Conservation area.But he knows that isn’t always reality, and sometimes people like to do their own, which concerns him about safety.Poole says sparklers are something the Fire Department wishes people wouldn’t hand out at all.”Sometimes they give the sparklers to kids that are just too young to use them and it can cause some pretty good burn injury by using a sparler when they are not really old enough. You know they could tip over or kids try to touch them with their tongues and it’s just something we really don’t want happening.”Lighting only one firework at a time, never lighting a firework in your hand, and soaking the fireworks for 30 minutes before disposing them at the local landfill site are some other safety tips.Poole says usually if they get a call it involves a firework striking the side of the house, but that so far they have not received any calls regarding property damage…and they hope to keep it that way!

via News/Talk 1290 CJBK London