Roughly 400 employees at the Brose Canada plant in south London were evacuated for a short time while officials tried to find the source of an odour in the building.

Fire officials tell AM980 they were contacted along with Union Gas to investigate on Friday morning.

Three buildings in the area of Max Brose Dr. actually reported an odour like that of natural gas, but officials with Brose told AM980 on Friday afternoon that Union Gas didn’t find any issues within their facility.

Unrelated to the short-lived evacuation at Brose, the London Fire Department says they’ve received reports from residents across the southern part of the city over to the Westmount area of an unusual smell.

It’s not exactly clear what may be causing it, but fire officials said Union Gas crews believe it could be some kind of methane release from the ground as a result of the spring thaw.

Source: Business Evacuated In South London As Fire Crews, Union Gas Investigate Odour | (CFPL AM) AM 980