From 1953 to 1965 the LFD apparatus fleet was dominated by LaFrance trucks.

Every front line pump and aerial with the exception of Unit 22 (Truck 2) and Unit 16 (Engine 6) were built in Toronto by LaFrance.

To the best of my knowledge, only 2 of these rigs have been saved. The 1961 900 series pumper (ex Engine 7) that was traded to King/Seagrave in 1978 on the Scot/KS pump that became Engine 7 and the 1967 LaFrance 700 series open cab pump that I knew as Unit 14 (Engine 4).

8-15 London, On

Engine 1, 1957 LaFrance 700 series, 840gpm (Photo by: Barry Stewart)

Former Engine 4 1961 LaFrance pumper

Former Engine 7 (1961 LaFrance pumper), is currently now in Charolettetown PEI.

Former Engine 4 1961 LaFrance pumper

Former Engine 4 (1957 LaFrance pumper)
This enginewas sold to Seagrave/King in Woodstock, then it was purchased and used by the Airy Ont. Fire Dept. Note that the door crest was the LFD crest with Airy painted over it.

Old LFD Engine 1

This photo of Engine 1, (1957 LaFrance) was taken at the 2012 St. Thomas fire muster by Andy Greenlees.