Formaldehyde Spill Causes Lengthy Delays At Highbury/401 Interchange

Crews were busy cleaning up after a transport truck toppled over on the Highbury 401 on-ramp Friday night.

A “small amount” of formaldehyde was leaked from an overturned truck at around 9pm.

Officials closed the ramp to the public, citing formaldehyde’s dangerous properties. The on ramp re-opened to traffic on Saturday morning around 10:30am.

“It’s very acidic and explosive in nature,” Platoon Chief Tom Wells told AM980.

Mason Watson was one of the first on scene, directing traffic away from the ramp as a highway maintenance operator.

“It looked like [they] were going a bit too fast with a full tanker and when [they] were going right around the curve, [they] rolled into the ditch.”

No one was seriously injured, as the female driver was transported to hospital with minor injuries.

via (CFPL AM) AM 980