London police officers and firefighters wore a different kind of uniform on Sunday.

Three firefighters prevent a police officer from scoring in the basketball game

The London Police Services team came out ahead of their rivals from the London Fire Department at the sixth annual Battle of the Badges basketball game on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018, with a final score of 25-21. (DEREK RUTTAN/The London Free Press)

Dressed down in gym shorts and blue and red Tshirts, the city’s emergency workers went head to head on the basketball court at the annual Battle of the Badges matchup at Budweiser Gardens.

It was a close fight, but the blue-clad London Police Services came out ahead, beating their rivals 25-21 after holding the lead throughout the game. It was the sixth annual Battle of the Badges.

Coach John Pare, who doubles as London’s Police Chief, said he didn’t have to put his team through the paces in pre-game training.

“I don’t have to do anything other than let them play. I just enjoy,” he said.

And with a lead over the London Fire Department at halftime, Pare predicted a police victory.

“They’re warmed up now, so watch out for the second half,” he said.

Two-year-old Paxton Baron was cheering on his dad, firefighter Nic Baron, and enjoying some snacks.

He gives his dad a run for his money shooting hopes at home, said mom Abby Baron.

“They play basketball all the time,” she said.

And for many young fans at the Battle of the Badges, it was a pair of furry friends that stole the show. Sparky the Fire Dog and Caesar, the police mascot, attracted at least as much attention as the action on the court.

Source: Police triumph at Battle of the Badges | The London Free Press