No one wants to get stuck on a roof in the rain, even with a tent and a sleeping bag. But Tom Nicholson isn’t concerned.

After all, the London firefighters rooftop camp-out is a fundraiser, not a campfire singalong.

“The whole idea is you’re out there being uncomfortable to raise money for someone else,” Nicholson said.

Rain or shine, tomorrow at 1 p.m., Nicholson and five other firefighters will begin their 72-hour camp-out atop the Covent Garden Market to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

“We have some tents, some cots, some sleeping bags, and that’s about it really,” said Nicholson, adding that local restaurants would be donating meals.

The Londoners are the first firefighters in Ontario to undertake this type of fundraiser.

Nicholson said firefighters out west started rooftop camp-outs about five years ago. The fundraising goal for the London event is $10,000.

Donate at the Market during the event, or online at the Muscular Dystrophy Canada website at

via Firefighters camp-out on roof for charity | Metro.