Our non-profit project flourishes thanks to the support of our volunteers.

Photographers, journalists, archivists, researchers, fire fighters and great citizens donate their time and expertise to properly preserve the history of the London Fire Fighters.  We think it is important to accurately and objectively curate the history of the equipment, the personnel and the impact of fire in our community of London, Ontario.

As this project is relatively new, there is a very large amount of historical data, images and stories to be cataloged and added to our archives. Volunteers are continuously adding new found items daily.  Thankfully technology has made this very easy, in fact anyone can help.

But we can always use more help…

Discover how you can contribute to the preservation of London history...

Many of us have a curiosity or interest in history or specifically the Fire Service. Unfortunately the stories, articles, photos and videos aren't archived properly to share broadly.

Help is needed in several ways:

  1. tell us about missed items
  2. help transcribe old articles
  3. help publish current stories as they happen

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