Univeristy of Western Ontario Archives

August 1954

Fire hall floor settles

August 31st, 1954|

Byron Firehall

August 24th, 1954|

Murray-Selby Shoe Factory Fire

August 23rd, 1954|

Source: Vintage London, Ontario | Facebook

July 1954

566 York St

July 9th, 1954|

June 1954


June 30th, 1954|

From the tip of Aerial 2

June 26th, 1954|

Hole Proof Hosiery

June 26th, 1954|

Fire Clean Up

June 26th, 1954|

Man holds up what looks to be a burned television.

London Salvage

June 24th, 1954|

Masonville Fire

June 15th, 1954|



Barn fire at Masonville where 4 horses were killed

Fire hall alarm system

June 1st, 1954|

“This is the alarm room in the King St. Central fire hall as it looked when I came on the fire department. The alarm room operator in the picture is fireman Aeron Kew who I worked with. This picture would have been taken around 1950.
This alarm room was installed in 1927 replacing the one […]

May 1954

Tree Fire

May 25th, 1954|

577 William Street

May 21st, 1954|

April 1954

Byron Fire

April 28th, 1954|

April 28, 1954:   Byron volunteer firemen using wooden extension ladders and a small booster hose attempt to extinguish a house fire.

It is believed this fire was on Main Street and involved the 2 story house, grocery store and a ladies and children’s wear shop.

Safety was not a concern in this era as demonstrated by […]

March 1954

Lexington Ave

March 16th, 1954|

Fire at Wolseley Barracks

March 14th, 1954|

Hintons transport

March 14th, 1954|

Fire, Hintons transport, burned tarps, line of trucks

Byron greenhouses

March 3rd, 1954|

January 1954

Thames Valley golf club

January 30th, 1954|

House Fire

January 24th, 1954|

Fire at the house of Mr. Robert Tazzman

Source: University of Western Ontario – Archives