December 2015

1985 King CM-1 Snorkel

December 6th, 2015|

I was sorting through some odds and ends in the ” junk” drawer of my filling cabinet and came across this pic. I had completely forgotten about it. It is London’s 1985 King CM-1. It has a 1050igpm pump and 200gwt. The Snorkel is remounted from the 1971 Ford/King-Seagrave . It was one of […]

August 2002

Adventure Connection Climbing Gym fire

August 27th, 2002|

Fire at the Adventure Connection Climbing Gym, on Burwell St.

July 1986

Truck 1 – Daily Checks

July 27th, 1986|

March 1985

Training Day

March 11th, 1985|

May 1975

Truck was first in

May 7th, 1975|

An unusual photo in that it shown here pumping at a house fire sometime in the mid '70s. Truck 1 arrived first to the fire,which was on King St east of Adelaide. Engine 1 was returning from another alarm so Truck 1 hit the hydrant and laid lines.

Garage Fire

May 8th, 1974|

January 1960

Aerial 1

January 8th, 1960|

July 1955

Darling Hat Shop

July 1st, 1955|


November 1950

Ray’s Billards Fire

November 6th, 1950|

Cat Rescue

November 6th, 1950|

Santa Claus Parade

November 30th, 1700|