1985 King CM-1 1050/300/85′ Snorkel ( boom from 1972 KS/Ford )

December 2015

1985 King CM-1 Snorkel

December 6th, 2015|

I was sorting through some odds and ends in the ” junk” drawer of my filling cabinet and came across this pic. I had completely forgotten about it. It is London’s 1985 King CM-1. It has a 1050igpm pump and 200gwt. The Snorkel is remounted from the 1971 Ford/King-Seagrave . It was one of […]

Truck 6

December 27th, 1994|

January 1984

High-Rise Fires

January 22nd, 1984|

High Rise Fires, Stay calm, stay alive
It’s 2 a.m.  The dispatcher leans back on his chair and stretches, still keeping one eye on the alarm panel in front of him.  A panel light flashes:  fire.  He notes the location of the triggered alarm box and alerts the closest fire station.

At the station, an organized flurry […]