1972 King-Seagrave/Ford C-Series 1050/85′ Snorkel 3-Man Cab

Purchased in 1972, the original cab was…. ???

The Snorkel is remounted on to the 1985 King-Seagrave.

The Chassis and pump of LFD’s 1971 Snorkel was converted to a tanker and ran as Unit 5 in the village of Scotland near Brantford. It was in service until Brant County FD was formed when it was replaced with a more modern rig.

When retired in ????, the truck was sold to a company that tried to convert it into a drilling rig. Frame cracked and it was scrapped.

July 1986

Truck 1 – Daily Checks

July 27th, 1986|

March 1985

Training Day

March 11th, 1985|

November 1976

Bucket Truck Work

November 12th, 1976|

Two London firefighters, working from a snorkel truck, are surrounded by dense black smoke as they attempt to put out the fire in the main showroom of the Central Chev Olds car agency.

May 1975

Truck was first in

May 7th, 1975|

An unusual photo in that it shown here pumping at a house fire sometime in the mid '70s. Truck 1 arrived first to the fire,which was on King St east of Adelaide. Engine 1 was returning from another alarm so Truck 1 hit the hydrant and laid lines.

Garage Fire

May 8th, 1974|