It sounds like a scene out of an action movie, but for Strathroy-Caradoc fire chief Brian George, it was just doing the right thing.

George, who was a deputy fire chief in London until last year, was visiting family in Manitoba last week, stopping off in Winnipeg on Saturday before returning home.

He was fixing a tire in a mall parking lot when he spotted a driverless truck driving backwards in circles after its owner had been knocked over. The truck had hit a luxury car and was headed towards a light pole, but not if George could help it–which he could. George, a 30-year firefighter, ran to the car, jumped in (though it took a few tries) and hit the brakes.

The maneuvre was caught on video by a Winnipeger, who called George a “hero.”

Speaking to local media, George was frustrated that no one else had stepped up.

“There was a whole bunch of people taking pictures with their phones, not one offering to help the poor guy,” he said. “So I jumped in. I had to get it done, much to my wife’s chagrin.”

Source: Strathroy Fire Chief Jumps Into Backwards-Moving Driverless Truck and Stops It…While on Vacation | (CFPL AM) AM 980