A fire in a garden shed in the city’s northwest end sent thick black smoke billowing into the air, and caused around $5,000 in damages Tuesday.

No injuries were reported, and fire officials are continuing to investigate the cause of the blaze. It’s not believed to be suspicious.

Crews were called to an address on Aldersbrook Road in the city’s Whitehills neighbourhood, a short drive west of Wonderland, around 12:43 p.m. Tuesday.

“Approaching vehicles could actually see the black smoke that was going up in the air all the way from Wonderland and Gainsborough Roads,” said Fire Department spokesperson Rick Jefferson.

“Apparently that thick smoke was due in part to a couple of sets of inflated tires, which also gave off exploding noises as they burned and burst, so there was some concern about that,” Jefferson said.

In addition to the tires, a lawnmower and some gasoline were inside the shed, which itself was partially made with plastic panelling.

“All of those put together put off a lot of thick black smoke. Fortunately it went straight up into the air so nobody around was really affected by it,” Jefferson said.

All of the contents in the shed were destroyed.

Crews managed to quash the flames before the blaze spread to another shed on a neighbouring property. Fire officials say the neighbouring shed suffered just minor heat damage.

According to Jefferson, the fire drew a small crowd of onlookers, but since smoke went straight up into the air officials didn’t have to evacuate the area.

The fire remains under investigation.

Source: Shed Fire In City’s Northwest Not Believed To Be Suspicious, No Injuries Reported | (CFPL AM) AM 980