As more residents take to their backyards to enjoy the warm weather, the London Fire Department wants to remind Londoners of the open air burning bylaw.

Burning of yard waste and brush is not permitted according to the bylaw, however residents can have outdoor fires for recreational or cooking purposes.

Outdoor cooking may be conducted between 11 a.m and midnight as long as the fire is no larger than 46 cm long, 46 cm wide and 30 cm high. Cooking with a barbecue is permitted at all times.

Recreational burning, such as campfires, is permitted between 4 p.m and midnight. Only clean, dry seasoned firewood or commercially produced charcoal or briquettes can be burned. Fires must be kept at least four metres from buildings, property lines, trees, roads and combustible articles, and should be kept in non-combustible containers, outdoor brick fireplaces, chimneas, metal tubs or fire pits.

Open air fires are not permitted when wind speeds exceed 15 km per hour or on when a smog alert of advisory has been issued.

Repeat offenders are subject to a fine or withdrawal of privileges or provincial prosecution.

For more information, visit the open burning guidelines website.

via London Community News