During the period from April 12 to April 20, 2018, a delegation from the charity organization GlobalFire David Mc Antony Gibson Foundation Canada, a volunteer and project manager of the Odesa region Jim Howell visited the Chief Directorate of the Ukrainian SSNU in Odesa Oblast, within the framework of international cooperation.

The leadership of the Main Directorate discussed further cooperation for the effective exchange of experience between the rescuers of the two countries. As a result of established cooperation between the charitable organization Canada of Global David Mc Antony Gibson Foundation and Odessa rescuers – humanitarian assistance in the form of fire and rescue equipment. Jim Howell, a London Fire Fighter, handed over to the units of the General Directorate 288 combat suits, 99 fire protective helmets, HONDA portable water pump, 15 APW fire extinguishers, 12 SCOTT SCBA breathing apparatuses, and so on.

When visiting the fire and rescue units where the equipment was transmitted, Jim Howell met with the district leadership and the city of Teplodar, staffed units and conducted lecture classes for rescuers.

“We are very grateful to our Canadian colleagues for helping us with fire-fighting equipment and sharing our experience with Canadian rescue units during the elimination of the effects of various emergencies. Your equipment, knowledge and skills will come in handy when performing our task force’s mission, as the main task is to rescue and provide the necessary help to the people who are in trouble in a timely manner, “said the Head of the DSSU of Ukraine in the Odessa region.

Source: Одеська область: рятувальники отримали пожежно-рятувальне спорядження від канадських колег