Four fire department promotions were approved Wednesday by board of control.

District Chief G. S. Porter becomes a platoon chief, replacing Platoon Chief G.W. Thompson, who has retired. Capt. J. V. Healey becomes a district chief, replacing Chief Porter; Chauffeur William Smith becomes a captain, replacing Capt. Healey; and Chauffeur B. P. Shannon becomes a captain, replacing Capt. A. H. Hessel, who died.

A chauffeur’s rank is equal to that of a first-class fireman.

Appointed fourth-class firefighters were Michael D. Done. Patrick A. Darcey, James C. Brown, William E. Reason, Gary Parker, Frederick David Van Dyk, Ernest R. West, Patrick J. O’Brien, George Robinson, Brian A. Stead, Robert B. Plant, and John R. Harper.

Controllers also learned that 14 applications have been received for the position of deputy chief. A meeting will be called soon by the mayor to screen the applicants and make a recommendation to city council.