The LPFFA Is proud of the actions of off-duty member Murray Saunders and his 9 year old daughter Haley for their quick action to successfully rescue an injured jet skier in Lake Huron this past weekend!

The following is a copy of the appreciative letter from the injured jet skier as printed in the Sarnia Observer on July 4, 2013:

Thanks to rescuers on Lake Huron

Sir: On Sunday June 30, my family and I were enjoying a windy afternoon at my brother’s cottage at Blue Point.

Althought the lake was rough, a few of us took his Sea-Doo out for a ride. Right before we were going to bring it out of the water, I decided to go out for one last ride, solo. I wasn’t going particularly fast but I hit a wave the wrong way and was thrown from the Sea-Doo.

After about 15 minutes of frantic swimming, I was exhausted and further out in the lake and further still from the Sea-Doo. I was completely exhausted and swallowed too much of the lake. A man and his young daughter came along on a jetski and rescued me.

This girl couldn’t have been more than 8 or 10 and she drove the jetski back to shore while her dad (I’m assuming) lay in the rubber tube they were pulling, holding on to me so I wouldn’t slip back into the water. I didn’t get your names and I didn’t have a chance to say a heart felt thank you for saving me.

I ended up in Sarnia at the hospital and within two minutes of arriving I was hooked up to every machine they had in the place. I was sent for two lung x-rays, a CT scan, blood work, etc.

I had a small concussion but I’m fine now. The staff at the ER department were excellent. Thank you to my heroes in Sarnia. Sometimes heroes come in the forms of nurses and doctors and sometimes in the forms of big dads and their little girls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dave McKerlie

Mt. Brydges, ON