A pregnant woman and her co-worker riding in a car hit Monday by a speeding Porsche cheated death.

“We both made it out with fairly minor injuries, all things considered, even the wee one I’m currently incubating,” said Ashley, 28, who didn’t want her last name used.

Ashley was in the passenger seat of a car that had just entered the intersection at Dundas St. and Highbury Ave. when the Porsche that witnesses estimated was travelling at more than 100 km/h slammed into it, trapping the driver and scattering debris more than 30 metres.

Ashley said she doesn’t remember much about the crash because it happened so quickly.

“To be honest, I didn’t see anything at all. I was chatting with Michael (the driver) about his upcoming retirement and my mat leave. I’m almost five months along and this is his last week of work. I felt the impact and the spin but had no clue what hit us,” she said in an e-mail to The Free Press.

Ashley said she was dazed and in great pain after the car she was in came to rest near a parking lot off Highbury.

“Michael and myself were overwhelmed by the quick response by so many bystanders before any EMS crews could arrive, including one poor gent who looked at my foot, gagged, but still took off his sweatshirt in the cold to provide me with a compress,” she said.

“The EMS crews were amazing and the medical staff fantastic, but those are people you expect to rely on. The kid walking down the street; you just don’t ever consider him until you need to.”

She and her co-worker, who’s 65, received non life-threatening injuries.

The Porsche that hit her vehicle was metres away, twisted almost beyond recognition. The woman behind the wheel was unconscious and trapped in the twisted metal.

“I’m sorry for the Porsche driver and family,” Ashley said.

Police didn’t release the identity of the 30-year-old woman in the Porsche.

She remained in critical condition Tuesday, suffering from severe head trauma and other injuries.

Police said the Porsche was travelling south on Highbury Ave. when it clipped a car at Oxford St. and Highbury at about 12:25 p.m. The driver of the car wasn’t injured.

The Porsche then drove through soccer fields at the southeast corner of the intersection before jumping back on to Highbury.

The vehicle gained speed as it crested an overpass just north of Dundas St.

As it tore down the overpass toward Dundas, the light changed and the car carrying Ashley and her co-worker entered the intersection.

Travelling on a slick road and with no time to stop, the Porsche hit the car, hurtled into the air and struck two unoccupied vehicles in parking lot near the intersection.

So much debris from damaged vehicles littered the area that a firefighter compared it to a war zone.



via The London Free Press