globalfireAll this week the LPFFA has been working with our members and the charity GlobalFire to offer assistance in Alberta. Local members have been successful in finding a role working in Edmonton to help assist all those displaced by the fire. 5 current trained London GlobalFire members will be leaving tomorrow morning for Alberta for a 7 day mission. The fires are still very much a concern in Alberta but have moved on past Fort McMurray. The local firefighters have done a heroic job protecting their communities. In the months to come there will be a need to assist all those displaced in all communities facing current or new fires. We are proud to send help from #LdnOnt to help those who have been evacuated and to rebuild their lives.

For anyone who would like to get involved with GlobalFire I would encourage you to sign up now.

Training dates are coming soon and you could be involved with the charity now.


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