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Compiled By Walt McCall and Rick Loiselle

Prior to Motorized Vehicles

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Please note:   List does not all include Chief’s cars , service and shop vehicles. All information is accurate to best knowledge of Walt McCall and Rick Loiselle.    

Can you identify the vehicles in these photos?

Engine Three

New Airlight Vehicle

Heading out

TR04 - Station 9

TK25 - last photo

R2 - Last known Photo

Station 2 - Last Crew

True Colours

Engine 1

Engine 2

Engine 3

Engine 4

Engine 6

Engine 7

Engine 8

Engine 9

Engine 10

Engine 11

Rescue 2

Service 2

Trucks for sale

Engine 9

Restoration Photos

Real "postal strike"

Firemen battle blaze at Velvet Touch