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Two fire fighters digging out basement of fire hall

Two Firetrusk from Byron parked in front of partially constructed new firehall.

Three fire fighters on a roof extinguishing fire in the roof and attic

Four fire fighters battling smoke on a second floor fire escape

The camera perspective is from the elevated tip of Truck 2 looking down on children and fire fire fighters looking up.

Burned out transformer

Man hols up what looks to be a burned television.

Burning home with most of the roof burned off.

Fire fighter looking over the system that monitors the alarm box system.

Small boy examining the very large standing burnt out tree trunk.

Two Fire Fighters working on a ladder to extinguish a fire within the wall and attic of the second floor of a home.

Pile of burned materials

Several ladders propped up against a wood sided building.

Line of transport trailers withe their covering tarps burned.

Smoke billowing out of the Byron Greenhouse

Thames Valley Club House covered in snow with firetruck in the fore ground

Fire fighters on roof ladders accessign attic to extinguish hot spots

Family surveys the damage from the fire that ravaged their home.

Fire fighters working from a ladder and on the front porch of a home with light smoke showing