Thanks to Captain Jim Brown(ret.) for sharing his collected newspaper articles and magazine clippings obtained during his 30+ year career with the London Fire Department.

This collection includes 11 books of newspaper clippings and documented events of the London Fire Fire Fighters.

To properly share this trove of information, the articles must be digitized to be shared on the web.  This process includes scanning the articles and then transcribing or typing out the text portions and cropping out the images to be added to the website. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated to help out with this process, work that can be done from home at your leisure.

Gord Dennett and Kittie Thompson want an inquirey

Fire, EMS and Police personnel working to free trapped persons from wreckage.

A London fire department rescue struggles to free an injured 19-year-old University of Western Ontario student from his mangled car.

Catherine Barnes fled bare footed with her dog, escaped the blaze.

Master streams pour water to downtown buildings

London Fire fighters survey the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision

Platoon Chief Fred Holmes standing in his garden.

Firemen drop soggy chunks of insulation from the third-storey

Firefighter holding black spaniel rescued from a house fire.

Firefighter Jim Myatt digging out the snow around a fire hydrant

Firefighters chopping hoses out of ice.

Firefighter Roger Chiasson working with frozen hoses.

Aerial firetruck and extension ladders deployed at YMCA fire.

Firefighters pulling frozen lines from the ice that formed during the fire at the YM-YWCA fire.

Smoke drifts across the London sky line from the YM-YWCA fire.

Smoke and flames shoot out from a three-storey building in downtown London

Fire fighters working hard

Inspector investigating fire

Fire fighter removes huge icicles hanging from buildings

Ken Gilders awarded London's medal of Bravery

Firemen waded through knee-deep snow to fight a blaze

London rescue squad firemen head up the swollen Thames River

Mascot Fire

Fire Chief Ray Morley

London Firemen Morley Hanes, left, and Don Varey stop for a moment to attend to an injury to Mr. Varey's hand. (photo by Rick Eglington of The London Free Press)

Central Chev Olds employees push one of their cares to safety as the $1-million fire blazes in the background. (Photo by Bill Ironside of The Free Press)

Fire fighters with snorkel truck putting out hot spots.

Burned out rental truck

Better late than never

Dr. Peter Rechnitzer with London Firefighter Earl Smith

Photo by Rick Eglinton of The Free Press


Firefighter Pat Darcey

London Free Press - Ting

London Free Press - Ting

Ting Cartoon