Jim Stockdale, left, is assisted to an ambulance by fellow firefighter Morley Haynes Friday night after receiving burns while fighting a fire at 632 Elizabeth Street. (George Blumson of The Free Press)

Fireman slightly injured in Elizabeth Street fire London firefighters – one of whom received burns—searched everywhere for a boy thought to be still inside a house extensively damaged by fire at 632 Elizabeth St. Friday night.

But Jason Albert, 5, son of Val Albert, 24, who resides in one of four apartments in the house, was later located safe and sound visiting friends on the street a short distance away.

Firefighter Jim Stockdale suffered burns to his right shoulder hunting for the boy.

District Fire Chief Frank Bell said fire burned through Stockdale’s coat.  He was taken to Victoria Hospital.

An unidentified female occupant of a rear apartment was taken to a rescue unit truck and given oxygen.

An unidentified man suffered cuts to a hand, firefighters said, when he was reported to have smashed a ground floor window from the outside before firefighters arrived.  Police said the man was directed to a Thames Valley Ambulance vehicle but attendants said he refused to go to hospital.

The fire, of unknown origin, heavily damaged the ground and second floor apartments on the north side of the house.

An across-the-street neighbor, Boots Stewart of 631 Elizabeth, said she called the fire department on the 911 emergency number when she spotted smoke.