london-fireIt was a dramatic morning at Western University as fire crews worked to rescue a semi-conscious construction worker from a 15-20 ft deep hole.

Fire fighters were called to Huron Drive in the area of the Labatt health Sciences Building around 10:15 Tuesday morning.

Two workers were in an excavation hole checking water pipes when one of the pipes ruptured, injuring both workers.

“One just had minor injuries and was able to extricate himself out of the hole, climb out,” explains District Chief Dave Walmsley.

“The other worker had been struck by the pipe in the head and was semi-conscious. That required the use of the London Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team. Our team stabilized the patient, loaded him into what we call a Stokes basket, secured him in that, and then using ropes and a hauling system brought him up from the hole.”

Walmsley says the Ministry of Labour has been notified.

There’s currently no word on the status of the worker in hospital.

Source: Fire Crews Rescue Construction Worker From Deep Hole At Western | (CFPL AM) AM 980