The London Professional Fire Fighters Association proudly support members volunteering with GlobalFire & GlobalMedic. Volunteering off duty hours, members deploy worldwide to answer the call for help with missions in disaster relief, capacity building and emergency response training. 

GlobalFire was created, and is organized and equipped to undertake the following tasks:

  1.  Perform technical searches and conduct technical rescues in post natural or man-made disaster environments worldwide.
  2.  Collect and donate fire suppression equipment and train local first responders or an organized group of volunteers in fire fighting and first aid in developing nations.
  3.  Inspect locations and install simple fire fighting systems in population dense areas that lack basic fire protection (such as camps that house refugees and internally displaced persons) and train local volunteers on the use of these systems.
    • Fort McMurray, Canada – Wildfires – May 12, 2016
      GlobalFire, GlobalMedic and The Radcliffe Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Canadian business executive and philanthropist Frank Guistra, have partnered to help provide aid to victims of the Fort McMurray wildfires. 
      Financial support by The Radcliffe Foundation purchased items to immediately meet the essential needs of displaced families. Procter & Gamble donated over 10,000 Personal Hygiene Kits to shelters in the Edmonton area. GlobalFire and GlobalMedic volunteers also delivered doanted Tide detergent, Pampers diapers and Always feminine hygiene products which to families staying in these shelters.

    • Ecuador Earthquake Response 2016 – May 4, 2016
      GlobalFire’s team travelled to the city of Bahia, Ecuador, to distribute Rainfresh Water Purification Units to families in need. Three hundred families received Rainfresh units, providing them with access to clean water at the household level.

      The units produce three litres of clean water each hour, and are designed to last the families for an entire year. [Read More]

    • Migrant Boat Rescue, Greece 2016
      GlobalFire has partnered with Vancouver Search and Rescue to provide two 3-week rotations of the most highly skilled rescue boat operators and rescue swimmers that exist in Canada while they conduct training for international boat rescue groups stationed on the Greek island of Lesvos.In addition to providing rescue equipment and training, these GlobalFire members are also manning night time lookout stations, performing shore-based coastal patrols and conducting maritime patrols in the Aegean Sea, all in an effort to save the lives of thousands of migrants who attempt the hazardous water crossing from Turkey into Greece. [Read More]

    • Ukraine 2016 – April 2015
      From April 2015 until May 2016 GlobalFire gathered, shipped and distributed much needed fire fighting and rescue equipment to Ukrainian emergency service authorities. The Firefighters and Paramedics in the Eastern conflict region had been serving the civilian population with very little proper equipment and meager resources.The equipment was donated for free by GlobalFire and will go a long way to help save life, property and the environment. [Read More]

    GlobalFire is a NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We strive to help people in need around the world by offering emergency assistance to victims of disasters and by donating equipment to, and providing training for, fire and medical services personnel in developing and war-torn countries; but we can only do so with your help. Becoming a member of GlobalFire gives you the opportunity to help those affected by disaster to help themselves. 

    Anyone can join GlobalFire

    GlobalFire is a zero overhead organization. Our Rapid Response Team (RRT) members take personal vacation time when they need to deploy.  During their spare time between missions, they assist volunteers in packing donated supplies and they conduct fundraising events. 

    Volunteers can have a variety of duties, from being part of a disaster response team that is deployed around the world, to organizing fundraising events here in Canada, to helping pack for upcoming programs. Every individual is as involved as they would like to be.  All that we ask, is that you have a positive attitude and a strong will to help those less fortunate.

    GlobalFire is always in need of volunteers for support and fundraising.   Join Now!

    If you have any questions, please email: