Water Related

February 1994

River tragedy

February 22nd, 1994|

March 1993

The search is on

March 23rd, 1993|

July 1989

Man from hostel dies in plunge into Thames

July 25th, 1989|

January 1989

Cold, hurt but safe

January 9th, 1989|

February 1981

Life-saving Warmth

February 20th, 1981|

March 1977

Rescue ‘copter sought for city

March 17th, 1977|

Fire fighters had to rescue their own during rescue of two civilians on the Thames River.

Copter rescue ends 12 hour ordeal

March 14th, 1977|

United States Coast Guard helicopter rescue Saturday ended a night of frustration on the banks of the Thames River as a father and son clung to trees on a flooded island near here for 12 ½ hours.

December 1976

London Rescue Boat

December 13th, 1976|

London rescue squad firemen head up the swollen Thames River testing the new Zodiak infatable rescue boat.

April 1974

Icy river thwarted

April 6th, 1974|

London firemen were called Saturday to rescue Andy Perquin, 16, of 915 Colborne St. and Paul Morrissey, 16, of 36 Elworthy Ave from a clump of trees the middle of the Thames river.  The youths canoe hit a submerged log in the mid afternoon and flipped over.  Fireman Earl Smith and Gary Hewitt finally […]