April 1974

Icy river thwarted

April 6th, 1974|

London firemen were called Saturday to rescue Andy Perquin, 16, of 915 Colborne St. and Paul Morrissey, 16, of 36 Elworthy Ave from a clump of trees the middle of the Thames river.  The youths canoe hit a submerged log in the mid afternoon and flipped over.  Fireman Earl Smith and Gary Hewitt finally […]

July 1952

Water Rescue

July 19th, 1952|

January 1947

Cove Bridge (Greenway Park)

January 19th, 1947|

Bosy Recovery on the Thames

January 29th, 1943|

April 1937

Flood Damage

April 26th, 1937|

February 1937

London Flood

February 20th, 1937|

November 1930

Dorchester Rescue

November 28th, 1930|

May 1881

Victoria Disaster

May 24th, 1881|

November 1700

Winter River

November 30th, 1700|


November 30th, 1700|