January 1988

Four badly burned in townhouse explosion

January 13th, 1988|

September 1976

Blast at truck rental firm kills man

September 23rd, 1976|

Unknown man dies in fire in blast at truck rental firm
Police are trying to identify a man burned to death Friday in an explosion and fire at Ryder Truck Rentals Ltd., on Pond Mills Road.

The body was burned beyond recognition and police will have to use medical and dental records for a positive identification.

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April 1974

CN Tower Fire

April 3rd, 1974|

Smoke billows from grates in front of the CN tower on York Street at 4p.m. Wednesday, shortly after an underground blast shook the building.

Treated for Smoke Inhalation

April 3rd, 1974|

London fireman Chris Merrison, of 101 Selkirk St., was treated for smoke inhalation by two fellow firemen, Tom Armer, top and Mike Done Wednesday afternoon after fighting fire in the underground cables to the CN Tower. He was released after treatment at Victoria Hospital. (by Rick Eglinton of The London Free Press)

Blast blacks out London’s core

April 3rd, 1974|

A series of explosions jolted the area, sending manhole covers dancing and causing a downtown blackout and a gigantic traffic jam.