Community Service

October 1994

Firefighters tapping Jenny Jones

October 2nd, 1994|

August 1994

Hair yesterday, gone today

August 5th, 1994|

September 1993

Firefighters tapping Jenny Jones

September 26th, 1993|

April 1992

Lots of groceries pouring in for the needy

April 20th, 1992|

July 1991

Barr Hug

July 16th, 1991|

September 1990

Man Of The Month

September 13th, 1990|

April 1990

Breakthrough spurs telethon

April 21st, 1990|

December 1988

Hot Salesmen

December 3rd, 1988|

Look out below!

December 13th, 1977|

London fireman Fritz Beck removes huge icicles hanging from Dundas Street buildings today.

Higher temperatures are turning the city’s staggering blanket of snow into heavy sheets and spears of ice hanging over sidewalks from roofs and trees.

The fire department responded to many calls today from store owners asking that the dangerous icicles be removed from […]