Vancouver Street

A weekend fire in east London has been deemed suspicious.

The blaze broke out over the noon hour Sunday at a detached garage at 311 Vancouver Street.

The garage itself was engulfed by the time firefighters arrived, and while no one was injured — a house on the same property was also damaged.

London Police remained at the scene for several hours Sunday night.

No details on suspects, at this point.

A damage estimate has not been released either.

Around the same time on Sunday, firefighters near St.Thomas were battling a large fire at a property on John Wise Line, between Sunset and Fairview.

An RV caught fire in the garage area of a home, causing extensive damage to the RV — and some minor damage to the home’s siding.

Nobody was injured.

Source: Blaze on Vancouver Street Deemed ‘Suspicious’ by London Fire, Police | (CFPL AM) AM 980