Representing the London Fire Fighters…

Lindsay Ernst

Firefighter London Fire Department

“Hiiiiii, my name is Lindsay and I am a very proud (newish) member of the London Fire Department, working as a firefighter. I am honoured that all 6 foot 3 inches of Chris Bruinink chose me to be his partner! Although I am no ballerina I’m sure I’ll be kept on my toes throughout the whole DWTS911 process!

I have always been heavily involved in volunteering so being able to support the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund was an absolute no brainer- so excited to SWING into action! Although I danced for eight months when I was six years old, making this piece of cake; I foresee myself needing one of those airplane sickness bags backstage on November 4th. CANT WAIT!”

Cody Workman

Firefighter London Fire Department

“Hold the press…back-up the trucks…emergency fill-in…here we go!!! I’m Cody Workman, a proud firefighter in my hometown of London. A short 18 months ago Lindsay and I were shaking in our boots getting ready for our first day of orientation with the LFD. Fast forward a year and half, and now we will be shaking everything we got on stage for Dancing with the Stars 911! I am really stoked to be a part of this awesome event and to support the Dave Mounsey Fund and everything they do for the people in London and surrounding area.

Unfortunately I can’t say that I was Lindsay’s first choice to dance with. A fellow firefighter, Chris Bruinink, was really going to rock this thing out of the park; but a blown Achilles has forced him out of the competition and now Lindsay is stuck with me last minute. Get well and back on the trucks soon Chris! I can’t say I’ve been dancing all my life, nor have I attended many (any) dance schools. But, I can often be caught on weekends doing my thing at weddings and cutting-a-rug at Joe Kool’s or McCabe’s! “