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October 1994

Tired of ‘cry-wolf’ behavior

October 15th, 1994|

Regarding Lorrain Greene’s battle to be hired as a London firefighter.

My husband and I moved to Canada 30 months ago from England, with high hopes of him also joining the fire department here in London. He is a “veteran” with 12 years’ experience in on of London, England’s busiest fire stations, facing dangers that […]

Fire chief denies discrimination

October 15th, 1994|

Firefighter candidate claims bias

October 14th, 1994|

Full-time London Firefighters to help volunteers in Lambeth

October 8th, 1994|

Volunteer force a fine example

October 7th, 1994|

The former Lambeth and Westminster Volunteer Fire Department has served the community well for many years. It has been cited provincially for its fine level of service as an example for others. Several of the firefighters have more than 30 years of service with the department.

The process of annexation set in motion a mechanism […]

City could cut costs by selling two firehalls

October 6th, 1994|

Volunteers cause for alarm

October 5th, 1994|

Regarding, Volunteers fail to show for potential emergency (Sept. 30).
As a member of the firefighters’ association executive during the annexation process I must take exception to Ben Veel’s statement, “the firefighters’ association wanted no part of volunteers.”

Part time firefighters in Westminster were given an opportunity to go through the recruit-hiring examinations process and to […]

Discussions to continue on fire safety in annex area

October 4th, 1994|

Firefighters tapping Jenny Jones

October 2nd, 1994|

Westminster fire safety issue to be tackled

October 1st, 1994|