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November 1991

Train Tragedy

November 26th, 1991|


November 26th, 1991|

E9 Crash

November 15th, 1991|

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Those young cops saved our guys

November 15th, 1991|

The Platoon Chief credits three police officers for the dramatic rescue.
By Steve Green and Pat Currie
The London Free Press

[Picture of the cops is needed here.] London police Constables Rick Choja, left and Mark McGugan were two of the three officers on scene of the accident involving a London fire truck which sent off Egerton Street […]

Vehicle missed hitting river by few meters

November 15th, 1991|

Police were unable to confirm whether there was ice on the bridge.
By: Pat Currie and Steve Green
The London Free Press

While London motorists drove by, or merely sat and gaped Thursday morning,  two London firefighters crawled out of the wreckage of their fire truck, scrambled up a steep river bank, and flagged down a police […]

Fatal Fire – Woman’s prayers for others recalled

November 4th, 1991|

The body of Tillie Springett was found in her London apartment after other tenants smelled smoke early Sunday morning.
By Sandra CoulsonThe London Free Press

An elderly London woman • remembered by her church Community as a “prayer warrior” died early Sunday in a fire at her apartment.

Tillie Springett, 86, was a member of Central Baptist […]