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July 1990

Mystery simmers over ’89 blaze

July 20th, 1990|

Careless smoking was originally blamed for the London fire that claimed six lives but a 10-moth investigation found that may not be the case.

Almost a year to the day after a house fire killed six Londoners, the cause of the tragedy is now shrouded in mystery, prompting calls by the family of the victims […]

Sign fault suspected in $100,000 blaze

July 10th, 1990|

An electrical problem is suspected in a fire at 5 a.m. Monday above an empty store at 394½ Dundas Street, in London.

Deputy Fire Chief James Fitzgerald said the $100,000 fire began in the floor of the building’s second storey. He said the likely cause is a malfunction of an electrical sign affixed to the […]

Arson probe could prove lengthy

July 10th, 1990|

It “could take weeks or a very long time” to determine how an arsonist started a fire Saturday in a rooming house near Western Fair ground in London, Deputy Chief James Fitzgerald said Monday.

The fire at 871 Dundas St. put two men in hospital. Barry Mahon, 27, who had been in serious condition, improved […]

Copiers probed in Ellis-Don fire

July 10th, 1990|

The cause of Sunday’s $1-million fire at the head office of Ellis-Don Ltd., the London company that built the SkyDome, was electrical and investigators are examining two photocopiers, says a company vice-president.

Brad Nelson said Monday that repairs and renovations to the burned front of the building at 2045 Oxford St. E. are expected to […]