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April 1990

Breakthrough spurs telethon

April 21st, 1990|

Ties that blind

April 17th, 1990|

Mayor sees ‘turf war’ in radio issue

April 11th, 1990|

Firemen want their dispatchers, stationed at the police station, returned to the central firehall.
Confusion apparently reigns over a proposal to divorce a planned $1-million London fire department radio dispatch centre from the city police communications office. Fire and police officials, along with their associations and the London Police Commission, want fire dispatchers moved from […]

Servicemaster firms destroyed by blaze

April 2nd, 1990|

Two cleaning companies lost everything in a fire called ‘suspicious.’
The moving date for two London cleaning companies was abruptly pushed ahead by a month Saturday when their rented building was destroyed by what firefighters describe as a “suspicious” blaze.

Servicemaster of London and Servicemaster Contract Services of London were scheduled to move to Tecumseh Avenue […]