Yearly Archives: 1987

October 1987

Days Gone By

October 13th, 1987|

August 1987

Damage set at $25,000 in house fire

August 17th, 1987|

Firefighters pump water toward the roof of a house near the corner of Commissioners and Meadowlilly roads Sunday where fire caused $25,000 in damage.

Rice Bowl

August 12th, 1987|

Fire shuts fish and chip store, workers safe

August 12th, 1987|

Woman found on floor

August 8th, 1987|

July 1987

Traffic, workers disrupted by fire

July 30th, 1987|

Cool-as-cucumber cleaners freed from a rather hot spot

July 23rd, 1987|

Fire spreads to restaurants roof

July 11th, 1987|

June 1987

Real “postal strike”

June 30th, 1987|

Smoking cited in frat house fire

June 30th, 1987|

Firefighter treated in frat house blaze

June 27th, 1987|

Hot Message

June 18th, 1987|

Family flees safely from fire

June 15th, 1987|


Damage estimated at $60,000 in apartment building fire

June 15th, 1987|

Firemen credited with saving man’s life

June 5th, 1987|

Blast blacks out London core

June 1st, 1987|

May 1987

Through the garage

May 27th, 1987|

London firefighters gather around a car that plowed through the door and out the back wall of a garage at a St. James Street home.

Woman freed from wreck

May 25th, 1987|

300 pickets support city outside workers

May 20th, 1987|

Firefighters deny misuse of bus rides

May 20th, 1987|