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March 1983

40 Minute Vehicle Entrappment

March 24th, 1983|

Spectators cheer as driver rescued from car crash in 40-minute struggle
Spectators cheered and clapped in the gathering gloom and chill Wednesday evening as London police and firefighters, using the “jaws of life,” freed a driver from his mangled car after a 40-minute struggle on Wharncliffe Road North. 

The driver was conscious and talking to his […]

Close Call? It couldn’t be closer

March 24th, 1983|

A London fire department rescue until struggles to free an injured 19-year-old University of Western Ontario student from his mangled car after the vehicle wrapped itself around a utility pole on Wharncliffe Road North in London on Tuesday night.  One of the driver’s legs can be seen beside the pole.  Capt. Bernie Larkin of […]