Yearly Archives: 1983

November 1983

Thousands of plastic jugs burned in storage building

November 25th, 1983|

Wage Restraint

November 18th, 1983|

collective agreements for two years and in the process limited wage increases for 621,000 government employees to six per cent in 1982 and five per cent this year.   It also took away strike rights and limited bargaining to non-compensation issues, such as health and safety, but only if management and unions agree to discuss […]

August 1983

Passers-by help rescue man

August 6th, 1983|


By Kathryn Young of the Free Press

Two London men driving by a burning Emerson Avenue home helped to rescue the sole occupant Friday evening after noticing smoke and flames shooting out of an air conditioner in a side window.

“I went to the side door and just started pounding on it,” said Blake Milmine who […]

July 1983

Damage Extensive

July 9th, 1983|


March 1983

40 Minute Vehicle Entrappment

March 24th, 1983|

Spectators cheer as driver rescued from car crash in 40-minute struggle
Spectators cheered and clapped in the gathering gloom and chill Wednesday evening as London police and firefighters, using the “jaws of life,” freed a driver from his mangled car after a 40-minute struggle on Wharncliffe Road North. 

The driver was conscious and talking to his […]

Close Call? It couldn’t be closer

March 24th, 1983|

A London fire department rescue until struggles to free an injured 19-year-old University of Western Ontario student from his mangled car after the vehicle wrapped itself around a utility pole on Wharncliffe Road North in London on Tuesday night.  One of the driver’s legs can be seen beside the pole.  Capt. Bernie Larkin of […]

February 1983

Mother & son perish in fire

February 16th, 1983|

An invalid London mother and her eight-year-old son died in their blazing home Tuesday morning, after the woman had reported a basement fire by telephone.

Fire takes life

February 9th, 1983|