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June 1982

Compensation delays firemen’s return

June 19th, 1982|

Abandoning forced retirement at age 60 within the London fire department and reinstating two retirees may not end the local dispute.

London district human rights officer Walter Burns said Friday further conciliation talks with the city may be necessary in light of board of control’s action earlier this week.

The board has recommended city council, which […]

Platoon Chief wins new life at 63

June 17th, 1982|

Forced retirement battle finally over

The news clippings tell the story.

“Retirement at 70 advocated as option” says a headline on an article taped to the window of the credit union office.  “Pressure beginning to mount for change in retirement age,” says the other.

For Fred Holmes, a retired 63-year-old fireman and part-time manager of the London […]