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January 1980

Fire drives 9 from house

January 29th, 1980|

Nine London men huddled under blankets and neighbors’ coats early today after fire drove them from a three-storey rooming house at 761 King St., into sub-freezing weather.

Jury changes truck design

January 25th, 1980|

A coroner’s jury probing the death last spring of a London firefighter recommended Thursday that all fire trucks in the province be designed in future so all crew members may ride inside cab.

Taking a breather

January 23rd, 1980|

A London firefighter fleeing a smoke-filled upper floor at 87 Euclid Ave., on Tuesday doesn’t seem to share the glee of a jack-o’-lantern perched atop a porch.

City council may give firemen in London right to go on strike

January 1st, 1980|

Despite the concern of the London Firefighters’ Association, city council has supported proposed amendments to the provincial Fire Departments’ Act giving firemen the right to strike.

But the strike weapon would go hand-in-hand with a move to exclude officers and other personnel in managerial positions from the bargaining unit – about 70 in London’s case, […]

Firefighters lose two court moves

January 1st, 1980|

The London Firefighters’ Association suffered a double blow Thursday in Toronto before the divisional court of appeal.

It lost both an application for judicial review and for an injunction against the city and London police commission, concerning the dispatch of fire vehicles by police personnel.

Art Ordish, association president, said today the group was “not knocking […]

Sirens weren’t used, inquest told

January 1st, 1980|

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