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September 1979

Private: Finding cash concern in firemen’s pay raise

September 27th, 1979|

By Nick Martin of The Free Press

An arbitration board award which grants London’s 301 firefighters an 18-per-cent wage increase “was a sound award,” said Gord Sturdy, President of the Firefighters’ Association.

Wednesday’s release of the decision elated the firefighters while politicians were left wondering where they’ll find the money to pay the settlement.

Mayor Al Gleeson […]

18% raise for firemen ‘bad news’ to mayor

September 26th, 1979|

By Nick Martin of The Free Press

 London’s 301 fire department employees have been awarded an 18-per-cent wage increase for 1979 by a board of arbitration.

“It’s bad news,” Mayor Al Gleeson told board of control today as he released the decision, which is binding provided the arbitrator has not made a mistake on a point […]