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April 1979

Fireman killed on way to fire

April 30th, 1979|

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rolled on its left side, turned over and dropped. He said he jumped out of his cruiser and heard three firemen “yelling and hollering” alongside the truck.

A crowd of area residents gathered as […]

Sirens weren’t used

April 30th, 1979|

A coroner’s inquest was told Wednesday that the drivers of a fire truck and ambulance were not using their sirens when the vehicles collided about 3:24 a.m. April 30, killing a London fireman.

Fireman dies in accident

April 30th, 1979|

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Fireman dies as ambulance hits pumper

April 30th, 1979|

London firefighter Richard Roman died early this morning after he was pinned under a fire truck that responding to an apartment fire.