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November 1976

DND and LFD working together

November 24th, 1976|

These machines are waging war on snow so firefighters can battle blazes in the city.

Fire chief wants 911 improved

November 24th, 1976|

London’s Fire Chief Ray Morley would like to see the initial answering of 911 emergency calls improved.

Army Support

November 24th, 1976|

Ferris, reporter really all wet

November 17th, 1976|

The chairman of the London-Middlesex emergency measures co-ordinating committee was a target of the London fire department’s powerful snorkel hose Thursday.

Central Chev

November 17th, 1976|

London firemen extinguished a blaze at Central Chevrolet and Oldsmobile where estimates are that more than $1 million in property lost.

Fire hits recycling plant

November 16th, 1976|

Fire damaged the second and third floors of Gold and Gold recycling Industries Inc. on Bathurst Street Monday afternoon. No one was injured.

Bucket Truck Work

November 12th, 1976|

Two London firefighters, working from a snorkel truck, are surrounded by dense black smoke as they attempt to put out the fire in the main showroom of the Central Chev Olds car agency.

Heavy Black Smoke Downtown

November 12th, 1976|

A trail of heavy black smoke hung over downtown London as fire erupted in the Central Chevrolet building Thursday.

Threat of Gas Explosion

November 12th, 1976|

The threat of a natural gas explosion from underground lines west of the Central Chev fire scene caused officials to order the evacuation of core buildings.

PUC cuts core area power

November 12th, 1976|

Electrical power to the downtown area was interrupted so PUC workers could assist with an underground blaze caused by the fire at Central Chevrolet Oldsmobile.

Employee chagrined over loss of jeans

November 12th, 1976|

Ms Kerr lost her jeans and almost lost her job when her place of employment disappeared in a tower of flames Thursday afternoon.

Onlookers hindrance to firemen

November 12th, 1976|

The $1-million fire wasn’t the only thing worrying firemen and police – crowds of curious spectators were also of concern.

Central Chev fire loss million

November 12th, 1976|

Employees of Central Chevrolet Oldsmobile (London) Ltd. were back on the job today to sift through the ashes from Thursday’s fire that ravaged the bulk of the company’s building.