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June 1954


June 30th, 1954|

From the tip of Aerial 2

June 26th, 1954|

Hole Proof Hosiery

June 26th, 1954|

Fire Clean Up

June 26th, 1954|

Man holds up what looks to be a burned television.

London Salvage

June 24th, 1954|

Masonville Fire

June 15th, 1954|



Barn fire at Masonville where 4 horses were killed

Fire above the Lounge Restaurant

June 11th, 1954|

Fire Above the Lounge Restaurant – 382 Richmond St.

On a Thurday evening in June hundreds of Londoners jammed Richmond St, between Dundas & King, to watch firefighters battle a blaze above the Lounge Grill. The fire originated in the Avon Beauty Salon and resulted in $14,000 damage. Heavy smoke and water damage occured in […]

Fire hall alarm system

June 1st, 1954|

“This is the alarm room in the King St. Central fire hall as it looked when I came on the fire department. The alarm room operator in the picture is fireman Aeron Kew who I worked with. This picture would have been taken around 1950.
This alarm room was installed in 1927 replacing the one […]